NeuroNEXT at Society for Clinical Trials Annual Meeting

NeuroNEXT was well-represented at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Society for Clinical Trials (SCT) this week. The meeting - hosted in New Orleans, LA, May 19-22, 2019 - featured two invited sessions by NeuroNEXT personnel:

  • "Switching Boats Mid-Stream: Maintaining Continuity in a Large Clinical Trials Network in the Face of Change" by Chris Coffey, Angela Molloy, Dixie Ecklund, Jeri Sieren, Julie Qidwai, Krista Valladares and Marianne Kearney Chase
  • "Preparing and Submitting Data to Open and Limited-Access Repositories" by Janel Barnes, Sharon Yeatts, Chris Coffey and Carolina Mendoza-Puccini

One contributed session also featured NeuroNEXT:

  • "The NeuroNEXT Mode: Efficiencies Gained by Deploying an Embedded Research Administrator" by Krista Valladares and Maggie Spencer

And one poster session:

  • "Utilizing cloud-based software to increase efficiency and reduce errors in communication during the conduct of multi-site clinical trials" presented by David Klements. 

Thanks to everyone for for promoting the excellent work of the Network!

Janel Barnes
Jeri & Angie
Krista & Maggie
David Klements
Christopher Coffey
SCT Selfie
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