Data Coordinating Center

The University of Iowa

Clinical Trials Statistical & Data Management Center

Iowa City, IA

The NeuroNEXT Data Coordinating Center (DCC) is located at the University of Iowa Clinical Trials Statistical & Data Management Center. The NeuroNEXT DCC provides high-quality statistical, data management, IT and protocol coordination support for all studies in the NeuroNEXT Network.

The NeuroNEXT DCC provides statistical leadership from trial design and implementation, to final analysis and publication. The DCC experts on the Statistical Design Team assist investigators in developing innovative methodologies for the design and analysis of clinical trials. The Statistical Implementation Team, on the other hand, provides day-to-day statistical support for ongoing trials. 

As part of our efforts to provide a web-based distributed data entry system with the capability to quickly, efficiently, and accurately randomize subjects and collect data generated by Network studies, the NeuroNEXT DCC provides full data management and information technology support from conception and planning to execution and close-out of each Network project. The Data Management Team and the IT/Development Team work closely together to develop, test, validate and bring into production user-friendly electronic data capture systems with robust data security features. 

In conjunction with the Clinical Coordinating Center, the DCC provides integrated protocol coordination support for all Network projects. The DCC Protocol Coordination and Monitoring team interacts nearly daily with the clinical sites to promote, monitor, review, query, and finalize data collection for each Network project.


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