Elizabeth Klingner, MS

Elizabeth Zahn

Ms. Klingner is a biostatistician at the DCC, responsible for generating statistical reports and analyses in NeuroNEXT studies. As part of the NN102 SPRINT-MS study, Ms. Klingner played an integral role in the interim analysis. In this capacity, she and Mr. Yankey each independently derived necessary analysis data sets from the raw study database tables and executed the analyses specified in the statistical analysis plan. Ms. Klingner worked closely with Mr. Yankey to ensure that both the analysis data sets and subsequent analysis results were independently validated. Over her time as part of NeuroNEXT, Ms. Klinger has developed clean and portable code for generating tabular data summaries routinely included in DSMB reports. In many instances, her code has been applied to multiple studies streamlining DSMB report production. Ms. Klingner was the primary statistician on NN102 SPRINT-MS, and has recently begun serving as the lead team member for the NN107 FX Learn study.