Benefits of Partnering with NeuroNEXT for Industry 

The NeuroNEXT Network is designed to efficiently conduct Phase II Clinical Trials. We accomplish this goal by bringing together 25 experienced, well-trained clinical sites across the US. Chosen for their expertise and geographical location, this Network allows us to target an expanded patient population for every project. Additionally, each site has agreed to a Master Clinical Trial Agreement, which serves as a one-time contract for participation in NeuroNEXT projects, and the use of a single, centralized Institutional Review Board (IRB). These features allow us to overcome the two greatest hurdles for multi-site clinical trials: acquiring a signed contract and individual site IRB approval. 

Our Network also includes the Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC) at MGH and the Data Coordinating Center (DCC) at the University of Iowa. The coordinating centers assist in project development for proposed studies and project management of funded studies. The CCC and DCC have worked collaboratively to develop a variety of resources to support the Network, including Standard Operating Procedures, grant development guidance, and several systems to enhance data collection, regulatory controls and safety management.

Advantages to Industry in partnering with NeuroNEXT include: 

  • A robust, standardized, and accessible infrastructure to facilitate rapid development and implementation of protocols in neurological disorders affecting adults or pediatric populations
  • The ability to mobilize foundations and patient advocacy partners by leveraging existing relationships with NeuroNEXT to organize high impact exploratory clinical trials for neurological disorders
  • Resources for interventional or biomarker-based trials that provide data for clear go/no-go decisions

As a precursor to any partnership, our Pipeline Development committee offers a no-cost, one-hour tele-consultation with disease experts from NeuroNEXT sites. Contact us for more information.

To learn about other key ways that NeuroNEXT has maximized the operational efficiency of clinical trials, please visit our Researchers page. 

To learn about the types of collaborations and get started with a NeuroNEXT application, please visit our grant application page.