Tahseen Mozaffar, MD

Tahseen Mozaffar

Dr. Mozaffar is Professor and Interim chair of the Department of Neurology in the School of Medicine and holds joint appointments in the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Pathology. Dr. Mozaffar is an international leader in neuromuscular disease and well recognized for basic, clinical and translational research in this field. Dr. Mozaffar has been a PI for over 4 dozen pharmaceutical, foundation, and NIH-sponsored studies in a variety of neuromuscular diseases, and the UCI neuromuscular program is an active site in national consortia (Western ALS consortium, Northeast ALS consortium, ALS Research Group, and Muscle Study Group). Over the last 10 years Dr. Mozaffar has gained special expertise in running clinical trials and natural history studies in ultra-rare myopathies, including GNE myopathy, Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy (OPMD), Late-Onset Pompe Disease (VCP), and VCP-related multisystem proteinopathy. Dr. Mozaffar also has experience in leading ongoing multi-site clinical studies. He has been the chair of the UCI Institutional Review Board (IRB) since 2007 and was recently appointed as the Director of Trials Innovation Unit with the UCI CTSA. Dr. Mozaffar has well over 120 peer-reviewed journal publications.