Update: Clinical Trials Methodology Course 2020

A message from the Executive Committee of the Clinical Trials Methodology Course (CTMC): 

Due to the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and the number of uncertainties that accompany such a health crisis, the Clinical Trials Methodology Course (CTMC) Executive Committee has decided to postpone the Course until next year.

The Executive Committee would like to thank everyone for the work and time you put into the course and applications thus far. We are currently compiling each application’s detailed feedback received from the reviewers and will email them to the applicants within the next couple of weeks. We encourage everyone to apply again next year and to use this feedback for next year’s application. Priority review will be given to those applications in 2021.

 We recognize that postponing this year’s course impacts clinical trial plans and learning; therefore, we are exploring the possibility to schedule a few educational webinars this summer. Applicants will be invited to these webinars and other educational opportunities as they arise. Please view any material posted on the CTMC website as well. 

 Please email ninds-ctmc-info@umich.edu if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you for your understanding and time.

Best regards,

CTMC Executive Committee

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