NN104 Primary Endpoint Manuscript Published

The NN104 RHAPSODY primary manuscript has been published in the January 2019 print issue of Annals of Neurology. As the abstract notes, this trial was important for three reasons:

  • It was the first trial of a neuroprotectant for acute ischemic stroke in a trial design allowing thrombectomy, thrombolysis, or both
  • It demonstrated that all four doses of 3K3A-APC considered in the trial met the definition for safety and tolerability
  • It demonstrated a trend towards lower hemorrhage rate, which was consistent with trends observed in prior animal studies. This trend requires confirmation in a larger study

Congratulations to Dr. Lyden and the NN104 RHAPSODY team. The success of this academic/industry partnership is another major statement of the many benefits that NeuroNEXT brings to the conduct of high-quality phase II studies in the neurosciences.

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